About the Sefirot

1.KETER Pluto The Crown, Self

Is the infinite realized self. The ghost of father (Binah), son (Kochma) and ghost (Keter)

The source of all. Stabilizing consciousness at this sphere is the goal of human evolution.

Fragrance: Ambergris

2. KOCHMA Neptune Wisdom, Spiritual Will (purpose)

Is the realm of the Third Eye, deepest meditation. Wisdom Spiritual Will and Purpose.

Potentials of Kochma: Developing purpose and initiative, manifesting the universal plan in the world.

Fragrance: Musk

3. BINAH Saturn Understanding, Spiritual Love (awareness)

Is the realm of pure understanding, Spiritual love and awareness.

Potentials of Binah: Developing self-control, silence, secrecy, impersonal understanding and objective love.

Fragrance: Myrrh

4. CHESED Jupiter Mercy, Love

Chesed is a drink of fresh nectar, a reward and refreshment.

Is the "Right hand of God".


Potentials of Chesed: Deep love, bliss, tenderness, abundance, achievement, caring etc.

Fragrance: Cedar

5. GEVURAH Mars Strength, Will

The warrior, the athlete, the adventurer, martial artist.

The "Left hand of God".


Potentials of Gevurah: Right use of will and power, self-defense, confrontation, forcing of issues, courage, determination etc.

Fragrance: Tobacco and Leather.

6. TIPHARET Sun Beauty, Heart

Lets start with a poem about Tipharet:

The Road to the Sun:

A Record of Self Initiation to Tipheret by Bill Heidrick

How fair and how pleasant art thou,

o love, for delights!

 This thy stature is like to a palm tree,

And thy breasts to clusters of grapes.

I said: 'I will climb up into the palm tree,

I will take hold of the branches thereof;

And let thy breasts be as clusters of the vine,

And the smell of thy countenance like apples;

And the roof of thy mouth like the best wine,

That glideth down smoothly for my beloved,

Moving gently the lips of those that are asleep."

from "The Song of Songs, Which is Solomon's" 7: 7-10

TIPHARET  is The Golden Mean

Is the center of the Tree. It is the point, where the personality, moving up, first ventures into the realm of the soul.

It is where spirit, descending, first splits off and becomes physical. it is where the mundane world meets the spiritual. Brings harmony and compassion to the world.

Tipharet is the Golden Mean, the point of balance. It connects macro to micro, through the Golden Spiral.

Potentials of Tipharet: Development of beauty, harmony, balance; centered consciousness, bringing soul into the life.

Fragrance: Frankincense (Olibanum)

7. NETZACH Venus Pillar of Mercy, Feelings


Realm of feeling, clarity, brightness, sincerity, truth.

Potentials of Netzach: Exploring the mysteries of loving sexuality and Venusian energies, of developing artistic and creative talents, of creating harmony around us.

Fragrance: Benjamin, Rose and Sandalwood

8. HOD Mercury Pillar of Severity, Splendor, Thoughts

Splendor, Glory, Awe.

Realm of thought, of communication, reason, truthfulness.

Potentials of Hod: Developing the mind, education, language ability, teaching, writing, concentration, visualization, humor etc.

Fragrance: Amber, Spikenard, Storax

9. YESOD Moon Foundation, Subconscious


Balances the Body (Malchut), Thinking (Hod) and Feeling (Netzach).

Yesod is the past we carry with us, the subconscious, memories and conditioning.

Potentials of Yesod: Discovering the mysteries of the astral levels, working with dreams, fantasy, instinct, memory, purification, seductiveness etc.

Fragrance: Jasmine

10. MALCHUT: Earth Kingdom, Body & Sensations

Realm of the earth, the body and immediate physical sensations.

Potentials of Malchut: Discovering the mystery of the physical world, learning discrimination, patience, physical healing and vitality, taking care of the body.

Fragrance: Patchouli, Poppy, Dittany of Crete.


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